Invitations: Can I add a QR Code to my paper product?

Absolutely! We do offer a few select items that will create a QR code for you, these are found by searching "QR" in the upper right-hand corner magnifying glass at


If you are choosing a design that does not offer a QR code, follow these simple steps:

1. When personalizing your order in the editor tool, leave your website URL in the Design Note section requesting a QR code (bottom left of the editor page)

2. Select Review + Save to add this item to your cart. After checking out, one of our in-house designers will create the QR code and follow up over email within one business day. Your order will not be printed until your final approval.



There are various free services that will provide QR codes, and many of these can be found through a simple Google search for "QR code generator" if you would like to create this on your own and add it to your design. Then, feel free to add it to your design or add a design note and send it our way to add to your product!


If you run into any questions or confusion with adding a QR code to your products, please feel free to contact us at