How to set up a cash fund with zero fees? (Venmo)

Do you want a Cash Fund on your Registry, but prefer to link your Venmo account? You can do that! 

Here's how to connect your registry on The Knot to Venmo 


If you’d like to set up a cash fund with no fees passed onto your guests, you can do so by linking your registry on directly to Venmo. 


Quick step-by-step process to link a payment app: 


  1. Login and access your Registry Page--->Overview Page
  2. Scroll down until you see 'Add anything, from anywhere’
  3. From there, Click & Hold the "Add to The Knot" button drag and drop it into your bookmark bar
  4. After the tool has been added to your bookmark bar,in a new browser log into your Venmo account. Once logged in click on the 'Add to The Knot’ button in your bookmark bar.
  5. You’ll be prompted to log into your account on The Knot. Now you can customize the gift name and desired amount. Click ‘Add to Registry’ and leave the rest to us! Your guests will now see this item on your registry just like any other gift, experience or cash fund. 


We’re happy to offer guests the option to make a gift using Venmo, but The Knot is not affiliated with Venmo. Use of Venmo is subject to Venmo’s user agreement and all other applicable terms and conditions and/or policies of Venmo. 


How are there zero fees with Venmo? 


If your guests send a Venmo contribution using their Venmo balance, debit card, or bank, the payment isn’t subject to the standard credit card processing fee that accompanies contributions made via credit card. Learn more about Venmo fees here.


Add a note to the top of your registry on The Knot


You can also ask guests to send you a gift via Venmo by including your Venmo account details at the top of your wedding website. If you haven’t created a wedding website yet on The Knot, you’ll need to pick a wedding website design and add your basic information to get started (you can always come back and finish your page later!)


Quick step-by-step process to add a note on your wedding website: 


  1. Log in and access your Wedding Website page —> Manage Your Website
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Registry’ section and click the ‘+ Add a Registry Note’ button 
  3. Add a custom message and share your Venmo information (or any other payment app you desire!)
  4. Feel free to copy and paste the below message to explain to your guests how to use zero fee cash funds! 


If you wish to send us cash as a wedding gift, we thank you and ask you to please send the funds to us using our Venmo account (@InsertPaymentHandle). This is our preferred method and the best part is you won’t be charged any transaction fees! Thank you so much for celebrating with us.

How do I set up a cash fund so guests can contribute using a credit card? 

We have that too! Learn more about our low fee cash fund offering. 


Do you have more questions or need further assistance? We are here to help! Email us at