Bed Bath & Beyond Registry; Incentive Offered on The Knot Registry Store

Please find the most frequently asked questions regarding Bed Bath & Beyond registries and the offered incentive on The Knot Registry Store:


What happened to my Bed Bath & Beyond registry?

Bed Bath & Beyond has given a business update that can be found on their FAQ page found HERE.


How can I make sure my Guests still have access to the gifts I previously had on my Bed Bath and Beyond registry?

We are so glad you asked! Our Customer Service team would love to make sure each of your chosen items are on your registry through The Knot Registry Store. Go ahead and log into your account at, navigate to your wedding registry and use the 'print' feature to save a PDF of your items. Send that to us at and one of our Customer Service Reps will add those items for you!


I'd like your help replacing my registry, how do I share my current list of gifts from Bed Bath and Beyond?

We would love to help with this. Go ahead and log into your Bed Bath & Beyond account online and follow this path: 
Sign In > My Registries > Choose your Wedding Registry > View > Using the Print Icon at the top of the page, save your information as a PDF.

You can now email this to and we will help you get started.


Since my Bed Bath and Beyond registry is going away, where do you recommend I register instead?

Check out The Knot Registry Store! Our expertly curated assortment has all the wedding registry essentials and thousands of gifts from top brands, including things you might not find elsewhere like gift cards and global experiences! We have curated a collection of must-haves here to get you started.

In addition to our store, The Knot has partnered with many other trusted retailers and we personally recommend each of these for your wedding registry needs. The gifts you add from our partners will automatically sync to your registry page on The Knot, making it convenient for guests to shop for all your gifts in one place on The Knot. We've aggregated our suggested stores below, including some special registry creation offers.

  • The Knot Registry Store Offer: We’re here to help with one-on-one support to replace your registry. We’ve got thousands of gifts by top brands in The Knot Registry Store to make it a seamless, fast process. Reach out to and our registry specialists will create your personalized wishlist directly in your account on The Knot so you can manage and track gifts going forward. Plus, you’ll get 50 free thank you cards and 30% off from The Knot Invitations if you take advantage of this offer before June 30, 2023.
  • Crate and Barrel Offer: Start a new Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry and be eligible to receive 20% off one item (exclusions apply). All you need to do is take a screenshot of your registry from Bed Bath & Beyond. Bring that screenshot to any Crate & Barrel store nationwide, or text them at 312-477-2326. Crate & Barrel will then provide a unique 19-digit code for your discount! Their complimentary registry experts will also help you complete your registry with the same or similar items, plus offer free advice to help round out your list. Offer valid through June 30, 2023.
  • Sur la Table Offer: Start a new Sur la Table Wedding Registry and receive 25% off your most-wanted kitchen item (exclusions apply). All new registrants who sign up through will receive this offer, valid through June 30, 2023. 
  • Amazon: Amazon Wedding Registry offers registrants and their guests access to the world’s largest product selection, free shipping, extended returns, and a 20% completion discount on items shipped and sold by


I received your email about 50 free thank you cards and 30% off any stationery purchase, how do I receive these offers?

Isn't this offer exciting?! Go ahead and send us your Bed Bath & Beyond registry information by emailing the team at Our Customer Service team will assist you with recreating these gifts at The Knot Registry Store, and then the same Rep will send you the discount codes you will need to use at The Knot Invitations ( And yes, you will receive 30% off an entire order PLUS 50 free thank you cards! We look forward to helping you soon.


What if I already added items to my The Knot Registry from my old Bed Bath & Beyond registry, can I still get the incentive?

Go ahead and send us the PDF print out from your Bed Bath & Beyond account and we will do a quick scan to help you make sure all of your items are accounted for, and then Yes! we will love sending you the information for the discounts at The Knot Invitations.


If I prefer to build my own replacement registry on The Knot Registry Store, how should I get started?

We've got you covered! We curated a collection of must-haves from The Knot Registry Store to get you started. If you create your own replacement registry on The Knot Registry Store, you’re still eligible for our The Knot Invitations perks by June 30th 2023. Reach out to and send us your Bed Bath & Beyond registry information. Our customer service team will make sure you get the perks from The Knot Invitations.


Is there a deadline by when I need to create my replacement registry on The Knot in order to be eligible for this offer?

Yes, you must send an email to by June 30, 2023 in order to be eligible.


I already have a TKRS registry on my account, how can I still qualify for this incentive since my BBB registry is no longer available?

Great question! Go ahead and log into your account on Bed Bath & Beyond, save a PDF of the items that were listed and send that over. Our team will do a fast verification that your items are covered on your registry with The Knot Registry Store and we can then send you the codes for the incentives.


Can I combine the 50 free thank you cards promo with the 30% off discount?

We will be happy to help you with both orders, but TheKnot Invitations is only able to have you use one code per order. Visit to start your first order.


I may not want all of my Bed Bath & Beyond items moved over to The Knot Registry Store after all. How many items do I need to add to be eligible for the incentive?

Having the registry the way you want it is our middle name. We will just ask that you have at least 10 items added to your account on The Knot Registry Store, and we will then send you the discounts available. We are certain you will find more than 10 items you would love to add to your home, but this is a great place to start.


After I receive the incentive codes for discounts at The Knot Invitations, will any items be excluded from this purchase?

Thank you for asking! All products at The Knot Invitations are eligible for the 30% discount and/or the 50 free thank you notes offering, except for our Vera Wang suite of products. We know you will find many designs that you will love!


** As always, feel free to reach out to our team ( at any time with questions or concerns. We are happy to help! **


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