Create Spectacular Wedding Stationary with Your Design Specialist

Hurray! You've placed an order for wedding stationery, and now you're so close to checking this step off your big to-do list. But before you cross it off, you'll work with a Design Specialist to ensure you get the best results for all your order needs.

Please read the following tips to ensure a great outcome on your Wedding Stationary order.

1.) Examine each attachment carefully.
If a design proof is shared as a PDF, review every page.
If it's a JPG, check the end of the file name for "01" or "02" to tell if you're looking at the front (01) or back (02) of a card. If there's no number, then the product is backless.
Be sure to check the return address on your envelopes and ALL-in-One invitations. If it's upside-down, don't worry—it will be right-side up in the final print.
Extra Receipeint Addressed Envelopes, Place Cards, and All-in-One Invitations will include the item's design but have no address or place setting.

2.) Remember, it's your call.
We're here to help with your design, but you're in charge of the final results. So, it's extra important to check for any typos, color changes, or layout issues you have.


3.) If you see something, say something.
We're happy to help with any changes you need, and the fastest, easiest way for us to do that is through email. Let your Design Specialist know your edits by listing the product type, page number, and desired change. If your envelopes have more than 20 edits, it's best for you to send them an updated version of your spreadsheet.