Envelopes: How to Complete Your Guest Address Spreadsheet

Whoopie! You've ordered your wedding stationery and are ready to add guest addresses to your envelopes. But first, you'll need to complete your custom Guest Address Spreadsheet!


Please read the helpful tips below to ensure your envelopes come out perfect!

1.) Use columns "Name Line 1" and "Name Line 2" to determine which lines you'd like the guest's name to be on the envelope. EX: Name Line 1 - Mr. & Mrs. Hernandez Name Line 2 - and Family


2.) Be aware of punctuation. We'll add the comma between the city and state, but you'll need to write everything else as you'd like it to appear on your envelopes. This includes whether you want to use "and" or "&."


3.) Don't worry about font formatting. We'll take care of the style of the text on our end. Feel free to reach out with any questions. I'm happy to help!


4.) We recommend adding apartment/unit numbers in the same spreadsheet column as the street address per USPS guidelines. Please double-check your guest list before sending it to us, double-checking guests' names, addresses, and spelling.


5.) If you plan to return your spreadsheet as a Google Sheet link, please set your privacy settings to public.


6.) If you are sending the spreadsheet back as an attachment, please share it as a .csv file. Once your spreadsheet is done and you've returned it to us. One of our Design Specialists will be in touch with a design proof of the envelopes in 3-4 business days.


The fine print: When you send us your guest list, you consent (and can confirm that your guests consent) to share their information with us and our service providers so we can fulfill the order and shipment. We won't ever sell or rent your or your guests' information in any way. You acknowledge we're not responsible for any claims related to your list's accuracy, completeness, legality or any claims related to info you may have given guests about your list and the fulfillment process.


Check out our full Privacy Policy for more information. Thanks again. We look forward to working with you.