Place Cards: Your Guest Place Settings

Huzzah! You've ordered your wedding stationery and are ready to add guest place settings. But first, you'll need to complete your custom Guest Place Setting Spreadsheet!


Please read the helpful tips below to ensure your Place Cards come out exactly right.


1.) Use columns "Name Line 1" and "Name Line 2" to determine which lines you'd like the guest's name to be on the Place Cards. EX: Name Line 1 - First Name Name Line 2 - Last Name If you'd like guest names to appear on a single line, put the entire name under "Name Line 1".


2.) Be aware of punctuation. You'll need to write everything as you'd like it to appear on your envelopes. This includes whether you want to use "and" or "&," have any special characters, or want to include the word "table" before the table number.


3.) Don't worry about font formatting. We'll take care of the style of the text on our end.


4.) If you'd like to use meal icons, please organize your spreadsheet so guests are grouped by meal type in the last column of the sheet. You can select your choice of meal icons from the available options below.

Feel free to reach out with any questions at I'm happy to help!