All-In-One Invitations: How to Assemble

We are so excited that you have our beautiful, All-In-One invitations in your hands. Now...let's assemble!



Three clear stickers are included with each of your All-in-One invitations to seal on the center and both sides of the flap to comply with USPS regulations. To assemble your all-in-one invitations, follow these easy steps:


1. With your invitation lying flat (detail side up), fold up the bottom RVSP postcard

2. Fold down the top flap so the folded invitation resembles an envelope

3. Seal the top flap in the center with one clear sticker and seal the sides with one clear sticker each to comply with USPS requirements.

  • Each All-in-One Invitation can be mailed with a First Class USPS Stamp
  • No envelopes are required to mail this to guests, or for guests to mail back the RSVP postcard
  • You can use the tear-off section for more than RSVP information - Let our designers know if you want more options. We'd love to connect with you via email at

Here is what this will look like:


Happy Assembling!