Registry: Can I add my favorite charity?

We love the idea of having guests donate to the charities you believe in, and we've made it so you can manually link those charities to your Registry page as you would any store. You can also include a note at the top of your Registry page to give more information about the charities and what they support.
Below are the directions for both options.

How to add charities manually to your account:
1. Choose "Registry" from the home page on your account
2. Select  "Add Store Registries" from the drop down option
4. Scroll down the page to find OPTION TWO: Link Your Store Registries
5. Select a Store in the drop-down list (click on +Add Another Store)
6. Enter the charity website’s URL

Add Note to Page:
If you would like to add a note to your registry. You can add a Registry Note HERE


If you have any other questions about your registry, feel free to email us at