The Knot: How do private events work?

Let's walk through how Private events work in the online RSVP process.


When you set an event as “Private”, it will never display on the wedding website. Since your guests do not log into your wedding website, events will either be published on your website for anyone to see who has access to your site or only viewable to those guests who are invited, during the RSVP process.

The private event information will only display in the pop-up RVP box for those guests who are invited to that private event. 

Since private events will only display in the pop-up RSVP box, there are limitations on what can display. If you add a schedule of events to a private event, spacing will not allow for this information to display. The only information that will display in the pop-up box for private events are: event name, date and time, location and address, description and event attire. 

If you have additional information to add about a private event, feel free to message your guests from within your account. I hope this helps to clear up any confusion about events on your site.


Please email us at, if you have any other questions about the RSVP process with events.


Happy Planning!