To share your Wedding Website, go to your Wedding Website Dashboard and click the “Message Guests” button. Then select what type of message you would like to send (like a reminder to RSVP, collect contact info, send a custom message, etc.). You will be able to select the option to send an email or text




You can modify your message as well as the recipient list for this message. You can  select guests within your Guest List that already have that form of contact information (email address or phone number), as well as add new guests and email addresses to receive the message.



You also have the ability to preview this message before it is sent. Once you are finished with your message, click Send Message.


To view sent messages, click the back error on the page to return to the main page of the Messaging Hub, then click Sent Messages.


You will see how many recipients you have, as well as if they replied directly to the message they received. To see who all you sent previous messages to, click View Details. 

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email


If you have questions, we encourage you to send the email to your own email address first. This way you can see how it lands in an inbox and you can then go back to adjust it just how you want it to look and land.  Enjoy!