Renewing a Personalized/Custom Domain

Renewing a personal domain

1. How do I renew my domain?

From your wedding website dashboard, click “Settings” (gear icon on left side menu) and click on the Renew link to renew your domain for another year.  

2. Do these domains renew automatically after the first year? Will I ever be charged again without my consent?

Domains purchased for your wedding website will not renew automatically. We will give you warning before it expires and you'll have plenty of time to renew! We will never charge your card without your consent.

3. How much does it cost to renew? How long do renewals last?

The cost of renewing your domain is the same as your initial purchase: $19.99 per year. Renewals last at least one year. All purchases are final. We now offer the ability to renew for 1-5 years, so check it twice before checking out as we are not able to refund any accidental purchases.

4. I accidentally let my domain expire! What will happen to my wedding website?

If your domain expires, your wedding website will revert back to its original free address. You won't lose any information and your wedding website will remain intact. You can see the address of your wedding website on the “Settings” page.

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