What is a Wedding Checklist?

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Checklist keeps your wedding planning organized with our wedding checklist, the most comprehensive list and timeline of wedding to-dos available anywhere. You will be able to add in your budget amounts and vendors you have booked. Get organized with the Wedding Checklist.

Getting to know the new Checklist:

  • The To-Do tab shows ALL of your tasks, in timeline order based on due dates, separated by month.

  • Clicking the Budget tab in the left navigation shows you a filtered view of only your budget-related tasks.

  • Clicking the My Vendors tab in the left navigation shows you a filtered view of only your vendor-related tasks. If a task has a budget and a vendor, it will appear on both filtered views.

  • You can click on a task to open the detail view (side panel). There you will see additional information to help accomplish the task (the “Editor’s Tip” with a link to an article or another page on The Knot). The detail view also has input fields to enter budget and vendor information.

  • The “Show completed” toggle on the top right side of the To-do tab can show and hide the tasks you have checked off.

  • When checking off a task, you’ll have the opportunity to enter budget or vendor information directly in-line in the list view.

  • You can also enter budget and vendor information in the detail view (side panel) of a task at any time.

  • You can personalize your checklist by adding optional items. Clicking on the “Add items” tab in the left navigation shows the list of available optional items that can be included in your checklist. When you click on an optional item and choose to add it to your checklist, the item appears in the To-do tab in timeline order based on its due date.

  • You can change the due date of any incomplete task by clicking on the task, and then clicking on the due date in the detail view.

  • You can view your planning progress in the status bar at the top of the page, with budget progress shown on the Budget tab and Vendor progress shown on the My Vendors tab.