How Can I Remove My Registry from The Bump?

Our Customer Service Team would be happy to help remove any unwanted or expired registries from appearing on The Bump, while keeping your membership account active.

Please send your removal request to with the following details:
- Registrant's Name:
- Co-Registrant's Name:
- URL link to registry on The Bump:  
- Email used to create Bump account (if applicable):

As a reminder, many of your registry retailers do share your information with us based on their policies. When you registered at their site you agreed to their Privacy Policies that did include information on how to make sure your information is not shared with Third Party Vendors. Each retailer has a different set of steps to take to avoid this sharing feature. We encourage you to go back to the retailer sites and revisit these policies to make sure you know other retailers also have your information.

PLEASE NOTE: After your registry has been deleted in our system, it may take up to a month for any residual links to be removed from Google or other public search engines. We are noticing that Google may take longer to remove the link but your information will be removed almost immediately.

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