Deleting your own wedding website

You have the ability to deactivate your wedding website through your dashboard. This does not delete the content created, as this will still be housed within your account on the back end. Deactivating does remove the site content from any view. (Your URL will now point to an error page.) You will have the ability to reactivate this site if you choose.

To deactivate, log in to your account, click on Wedding Website, then Manage Your Website, click on Privacy Settings > Manage, click on Deactivate Your Wedding Website, read through the information on the pop-up window, then select Deactivate Now.

Please note, if you have created an account with The Guest, you will also need to log into The Guest app, delete your events, then you are able to cancel your membership. Once your membership is cancelled, your guests will no longer receive updates or reminders.

Let us know if you need any assistance or want to ask questions before you complete this step.