I want to add/edit events on my Wedding Website.

Within your Wedding Website, you can add other wedding-related event details. This could include the information about the rehearsal dinner or the brunch the day after! You'll be able to add date/time, location, and RSVP options.

To include this on your website, go to Wedding Website> Manage Your Website, then scroll down to Your Events page section. You also have the option to not display this on your website by selecting how you want it to appear under Event Type in the event details.

To show the event on your wedding website, select "Open to all guests", this will allow all guests to see the event on your wedding website. To hide the event from your website, click “Open to select guests”. This way, the event will only appear in the RSVP form.

This with your RSVP set to only allow Invited guests to respond to the guests they are invited to in the Guest List, can reduce the number of guests able to see the event.

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