The Knot Browser Button - How does it work?

We are so excited to offer a Universal Registry product for you. You can now add gift items from any store, anywhere, and your guests will see these on your wedding website for purchase.  

 Quick step-by-step process below:

1. Login and access your Registry Page--->Registry>Add Store Registries
2. Scroll down until you see Option Three 'Add Gifts from anywhere'
4. From there, Click & Hold the "Add to The Knot" button drag and drop it into your bookmark bar.
5. Once the tool has been added to your bookmark bar, now search (in a new browser) for the item you wish to add to your Universal Registry. Once you've found the item, highlight the URL and click on 'Add to The Knot". Continue this process until you're done with adding items to your wish list.
Good to know: Some retailers' sites have third-party blockers, so you can't use our button on their site. If nothing happens when you click the Add to the Knot button, this feature will likely not work on their site.
Safari Users: You'll want to "Enable Cross-Site Tracking" within your Privacy Settings. If Safari still is not working, you may need to access Chrome or Firefox from your Apple device.
Enjoy your planning - and have fun adding gifts!!