Adding Extra Guests on RSVP form- Public

We are so glad you are using the RSVP feature on our Guest List Manager. Many couples have asked us about the ability to add more than one extra guest when submitting an RSVP. Let's take a look together.

 Reminder - if you have Secure RSVP (which we do recommend) you will have to have all names listed in your Guest List Manager before your guests can RSVP. And they will have to enter the name as you have it entered. No extra guests can be added to these secure RSVPs.
Okay - if you have Public RSVP, your guests will be able to add as many additional +1s as they choose. The system starts them with adding one additional person, and then you can add more from there.  However, our system is - well, persnickety - and it requires you click the page before choosing 'continue'.  Asher has created a quick video to show you how this will work on your RSVP.
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