The Knot: Importing a Guest List into your dashboard

Feel free to watch this short video that will take you through this process or follow the steps taken below:

  1. Navigate to Guest List Manager - Planning Tools, Guest List
  2. Click the Add Guest button (red) on the right
  3. Choose Import from Spreadsheet
  4. Download your choice of form
  5. Here you can create your spreadsheet
  6. Then you will select all 8 columns across and 50 rows at a time to avoid potential time outs. Copy
  7. Come back to the import page
  8. Paste into the first cell under the example Sam Williams & Casey...
  9. Add Guests
  10. Then your information will upload.

You will want to follow the example for the Guests exactly. We recommend only using xxx-xxx-xxxx for phone number format, and do not add any additional cells or it will not import. Avoid any non-US phone numbers and non-US state content in the state column. If you have any addresses on different party lines that are the same, the system will view those as the same household and combine them, best to just add it to one party and leave blank for those additional party lines.