Where is my Gift Card?

Gift Card Delivery:

Gift cards are sent to the couple's email address on file with The Knot, after 24-48 hours of the purchase date. There is no physical item, this is a digital delivery only 


Can't find your Gift Card?

If you haven't received the gift card email within the specified time frame, we recommend checking your spam or junk mail folder. It is not uncommon for automated emails, like our gift card deliveries, to be flagged by email providers and land there.


Redeeming Your Gift Card:

To redeem your gift card, please follow the instructions provided in the gift card email. These steps are designed to guide you through the process effortlessly, ensuring you can access your gift in no time.


Return Policy:

Please note that gift cards are classified as non-returnable items. Once a gift card has been purchased, it cannot be returned or exchanged for cash or any other item. 


We are here to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience with our gift cards. If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support. You can email us at help@theknot.com. Happy Redeeming!


**Remember, if your gift card hasn't arrived within 48 hours, be sure to check your spam or junk mail folder, and if you need any assistance with redeeming your gift card, our team is always here to help!**