How do I add guests to an event?

Do you need to add a guest to a current or new event in your Guest List? We can help with that!


It’s best to think of the Guest List Manager as a record-keeping feature. 

You can invite your guests to as many events as you like, to ensure that your guests can RSVP to all events they are invited to.

Below is the step-by-step process:

1. Log into your Guest List Manager HERE

2. On the Guest List, make sure you are under 'All Events'

3. Under that column, you want to check off each invited guest. Light Gray circle means invited. Dark Gray circle means NOT invited.

If you notice duplicate guests in your guest list, you'll want to follow the steps below: 

1. Find the guest and select the box next to the duplicate guest. 
2. Scroll to the top of the guest list, where you see an option to 'Delete selected guests'

3. Click on “Delete selected guest” to remove the duplicate

You might also consider using secure RSVP so that only those on your guest list can RSVP to your events. Take note that the search must be an exact match when your guests go to RSVP to your events. 

Don't forget to update your RSVP Settings HERE to enable the newly added Events. If you don’t, your guests won’t be able to see the newly added Events to complete their RSVPs.