How to Reorder Wedding Stationery

Reordering your favorite wedding stationery items from The Knot is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps:


1. Log in to your The Knot account on a desktop.

2. Choose "Invitations" from the navigation bar and select "Your Orders".*

3. Find the order that has the item(s) you want to reorder and select "View Details".

4. Under the item you want, click "Buy this again". This will add a default quantity of 15 of your items to your cart.** For Personalized Samples, click "Personalize."

5. From your cart, you can preview, edit, or move the design to drafts. You can also choose plain or printed envelopes.


If you have further questions, want to reorder All-in-One invitations, place cards, or table numbers, or need assistance, please don't hesitate to email us at


* "Your Orders" is only viewable for Members who are logged into their The Knot account

** "Buy this again" is available for most of our products, but not all of them yet - stay tuned as we expand this feature!