Will it track gifts so I can send a thank you note?

Absolutely! You can track your gifts by doing the following:

Click Registry, then under Your Registry, click "Track Gifts.”

For Cash Funds and The Knot Registry items, you will see the gifts, the gift-giver's name, contribution amount, and personalized note.

For partnered retailer registries, you will see the gift, the date the item was purchased, and then will prompt you to log into your partner registry to see all the details.

For items added with the “Add to The Knot” button, you will see the gift-giver’s name, the item, and the date purchased.

For manually added registries, you will need to log into that retailer’s registry to view more information about items you were gifted.

You can also enter the gift into your Guest List Manager to track guest gifting, RSVPs and meal choices all in one place!