Anyone is welcome to leave a review. If you are a member, the review will be linked to your account for editing. If you are not yet a free member, you will be sent an email so we can verify who you are, and then the review will be posted.

There are three ways to write a review for your vendor(s):

  1. Vendor Review Hub: Here, you’re able to search for your vendors and rate & review them all from one place. 
  2. Local Vendor Marketplace: You can locate the vendor by using the search bar or narrowing your search by category and location. Once you’ve found the vendor’s storefront, go to the Reviews tab at the top (or scroll down to the Reviews section!) and select Write a Review. Make sure to include your rating, review text, and role in the wedding. 
  3. Wedding Checklist: Logged in users will see Review your wedding vendors on their wedding checklist,  which will take you through the process. 

If you need additional help, please contact our reviews team at