How do I set up my Guest List?

Are you ready to set up your Guest List and begin collecting RSVPs? Perfect, we can help with that!

Follow the steps below based on where you are adding guests from. 



Within The Knot  app:

  • Open the app and select "Planning" and then "Guest List"
  • Choose "Guest List" again
  • At the bottom of the screen, you'll have the option to "Add a Guest +"
  • Enter guest information (only name is required)
  • Or choose the option to add Guest from Contacts. This will pull up your phone contacts

Guests will show as "invited," which will not send them an alert, it will simply allow them to RSVP when they navigate to your wedding website. Be sure to save and close each group. The phrasing is a little vague, so you'll want to completely back out of the group to be sure that you're creating a new group.



  • Log into your Guest List HERE
  • Select "Add Guest" and choose  from the drop-down options how you would like to add guests; individually, importing from a spreadsheet or collecting via the Collect Address Link
  • Guests will show as "invited," which will not send them an alert, it will just allow them to RSVP when you've shared your site information with them.


New Event

Did you already set up your Guest List, but now you've added a new event? Let's walk through how to get your guests invited to the new event!


  • All of your guests can be found under "All Events” on the left menu of your Guest List
  • You can invite your guests to as many events as you like. While they will show as “invited” in your Guest List, they will not receive notification that they have been added to your Guest List. It’s best to think of the Guest List Manager as a record keeping feature.


After creating the new event within the Wedding Website pages follow the below steps to add guests to the new event:


  • Select all the guests that will be invited to the new event and on the drop down, choose "Invited" under the new event

  • Click on Apply to Guests
  • You will now see these guests have the ability to RSVP to your new event


Happy Planning! 





Updated 3/29/2024