Mark Gift as Purchased when a gift was added from a non-registry partner

Did you purchase a gift from a couple's registry elsewhere? And need to mark it as purchased?


Let's walk through how to do that! :)  


If the couple added items to their registry through our "Add to The Knot" button, you can manually mark it as purchased. You can tell if it is this type of gift, by how it appears when you select it to purchase. You will see the option to either buy on the retailer's page or "Mark as Purchased." See Below. 



You will then walk through the steps to mark this item as purchased. Start by selecting, "Mark as purchased."


You will be asked to enter your name and the order number, if you have it.  This will help the couple know who to thank for your thoughtful gift. Providing the order number will also help the couple work with the retailer if the item arrives damaged. 



Once you submit this information, the item will display as purchased. See below. Happy Gifting!