Can I add a PDF to my website?

You sure can!

Let's look at the steps needed to make sure everything uploads correctly.

1.) Under the "Wedding Website" dropdown menu on your The Knot profile, select "Manage Your Website," scroll down to the page you'd like to edit and choose "Add More to (Page Name)," followed by "Text Block."


2.) In a separate tap, make sure your PDF is uploaded on a host site like Google Sheets.

3.) In The Knot's website editor, add any desired text (Ex, Click Here to access our spreadsheet), and copy the URL from the tap with your spreadsheet. Next, select the text you've written in the text field in The Knot's website editor; while the text is still highlighted, click on the link icon above the text field, paste the spreadsheet URL, and hit "save."

If you need us to assist you with these, reach out to us at