Adding a Hyperlink to your Wedding Website

Do you need to link to a PDF or Video on your website? You can add a hyperlink to your wedding website, let me show you how!

You can follow the below directions:

1. While logged into your account, navigate to the Wedding Website option on the main toolbar, then select "Manage Wedding Website," on this page, scroll to the section you want to add your link to.

2. Within the right fly-in window, select "Text Block," add your content, highlight what you want to be linked, and then select the "hyperlink" button (it looks like a chain next to the Bold and Italics). It will allow you to paste your link.

3. Select "Save and Close" or "Save and Preview."

Please let me know if you are still having any issues. If you email with the link, we would be happy to add the hyperlink for you!