What postage is needed for my All-In-One Invitations?

Are you ready to mail out your beautiful All-In-One Invitations, but not sure about postage?


Postage is not included in your purchase price and we ship all wedding stationary directly to you. This allows you to assemble your invitations in your own timing - you will want to use a USPS First Class stamp (1oz) in the top right corner of the envelope portion where the recipient address is found (see video tutorial HERE).


If you plan on also providing return postage for the Response Cards,  you will need to include an additional standard USPS postcard stamp for your guests either inside of the invitations before securing them (if keeping the adhesive backing on the stamp for them to use when they're ready) or in the top right corner of the return address side of the tear-off postcards if you wish to place it yourself. 


We can't wait for your guests to have your lovely invitations in their hands!



Updated 3/29/2024