Can I see how many people are viewing my website?

Yes, you can! We launched a View Tracker in your Wedding Website Dashboard, which shows how many people have visited your beautiful wedding website. See what it looks like, below. 



This feature can currently be viewed from a desktop or mobile web. 


This tracker will show:

  1. Unique visitors to your wedding website within the past 7 days
  2. Unique visitors to your wedding website overall


What does unique mean?

If Uncle Bob visits your website on his desktop 5 times, it will count as 1 unique visitor. If he visits on his desktop and his mobile device, it will count as 2 unique visitors. 


If you connect with our incredibly helpful Customer Support Team and they need to view your site, that will also be a unique visitor added to the tally. 


What if I don't like how many people are viewing my website?


We get it! And we have a solution! On your View Tracker, you will see a tool tip (the i in a circle) to understand where we pull this data and provide a direct link to password-protect your site. Feel free to add a password to your wedding website, if you would like to limit who can view your wedding website. This can be added and removed any time and goes into effect immediately. 


Enjoy watching that View Tracker number increase and make sure that everything on your wedding website is up to date, so your guests view the most accurate information. 


Happy Planning!




updated 5/24/2024