Add/Edit Photo Albums on your Wedding Website

You can add photo albums to your Wedding Website by going to your Photo Albums page. Create new albums and then either upload photos from your computer or add existing albums from Facebook.

You can delete albums too but all photos associated with that album will be removed.

You may also hide these albums from the wedding website by selecting the "hidden" option in the navigation.

Even though we do not have a size limit on photo uploads, we have found it's best to follow these guidelines:

  • If you are having an issue uploading photos using a mobile device, try using a desktop pc and only use Firefox for your browser. Chrome may also work, but it can be persnickety as well.  

  • We do limit the albums to 5.

  • Try to limit each album to 20 - 30 photos. More than this number and you might find difficulty adding more photos. Some couples have added more than 30 photos, but this is a prime number for you to aim your limit.

  • It's best to add photos that are 5 MB or less. Typical images that you see on websites are roughly 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 1024 with a 72 ppi resolution. This will keep the photos in the KB file size and will guarantee a better result in trying to upload your photos. You cannot upload a photo that is larger than 30 MB into a photo album on your wedding website. If you received photos from your photographer, likely they are large files, intended for printing instead of uploading. You will want to save a copy of these files and resize the copy down before uploading to your site.

  • Also, consider the connection to the internet that you have while uploading your photo. The slower the upload speed, the longer it will take for your photos to upload to your albums. Please be patient during this process.
  • If you are viewing your site on an iOS device many times the photos will come up upside down or sideways. They will be viewed normally on a PC in your testing. You can fix this by opening your photo file. Saving a snipit or new version of the photo under a different name and then uploading that new version fresh. We are hoping to find an overall fix for this issue in the upcoming months.

These are rough guidelines but seem to work for most of our couples. If you feel like you have another issue going on, please let us know and we would be happy to help you.

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